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fun, but maybe make the boss fight a little easier, maybe by making him a bit lower.


i actually finally beat him, but it was still extremely difficult


Nice :D

Yea, I should make it easier...

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cool style! hope the next game will have audio! :D Also wish there would have been time for an alternative ending that would make the dev being upset make sense. Next jam maybe! [5:11 into video]


Watched the video and thanks for playing!

I should've added audio...

Thanks for your great words!


Extremely fun, and one of the best I have seen based on the topic of the jam. I love how you include Windows and Linux builds just in case WebGL was laggy (Which it was). Great game, the only thing it can use are sound effects. Anyways, thanks for participating in Wowie Jam, it was fun!


Super fun, nice visuals.